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There have been many different duplicate games held at many different places by many different directors
over the past 60 years. I will attempt to chronicle only the main places that duplicate has been played.
The Bridge Studio at 95th and Metcalf in Overland Park
Circa early 2000's until now.

North view of Bridge Studio

South view of Bridge Studio

                 Jean Joseph was proprietor until 2005.
                 Lee Goodman has been the proprietor since 2005.
                 Monday Day: Sue Whitted > Shawn Tate
                 Monday Night:Series of Free Lessons by Lee Goodman and
                 Tim Hays twice each year.
                 Tuesday Day;Jimmye Laney > Carol Calkins > Shawn Tate
                 Tuesday Night: Jean Joseph > Tim Hays (non LM game)
                 Wednesday Day: Mary Thayer > Tim Hays
                 Wednesday Night: Hal Halstead > Tim Hays
                 Thursday Day: Mary Thayer, Jennifer Carrier/Chad Fisher >
                 Terry/Paula Crabbs > Chad Fisher > Bob Lane
                 Thursday Night:Jean Joseph > Jennifer Carrier > Bob Lane > No Game
                 Friday Day: Sue Whitted > Carol Caukins > Shawn Tate
                 Friday Night: Sue Witted > Carol Caukins > Shawn Tate
                 Saturday Day: Heart of America > Helen Pearl > Chad Fisher >
                 Bill Cue and G Roberts > David and Liz Rhea
                 Sunday Day: Sue Witted > Jennifer Carrier > Kelly and Janice Bremer > No Game

Let the games begin

Having fun at the Studio
Great fun


The Bridge Studio at 95th and Metcalf in Overland Park on the 2nd floor Circa 1990's.

                 Hal Halstead was proprietor until Jean Joseph took over.
                 Jean Joseph was soon partnered by Sue Witted in this endeavor.
                 Games were held by J and J Bridge (Jean Joseph and Jimmy Laney)
                 Sue Witted, Hal Halstead

Bridge Studio was on 2nd floor


The Bridge Studio at 95th and Mission Road in Overland Park
Circa 1980's on the SE corner of Ranchmart Shopping center on ground floor

  Hal Halstead was proprietor .
  This did not prove to be a great location. One of the
  reasons was the long distance to the restrooms down the
  hall by the movie theater called the Ranch Mart Theater,
  now known as the iconic Glenwood Fine Arts Theater.
  Hal moved the operation to 95th and Metcalf the second floor.
  Some of the club directors were:
  Jimmy Laney
  Marlyn Oliver
  Elinor McGuire
  Mary Thayer
  John Rosenschein

    View from the lower parking lot                  This was formerly Ranchmart Movie Theater
                                                                           This is now the Leawood Fine Arts
                                                                          The bridge Studio was right down the hall.


Circa late 1960's to early 1970's duplicate bridge moved to Gregory (71st) and Wornall at the Goppert Bank
Hal Halstead who worked at the bank was instrumental in getting the bridge community to move to this bank.
Nice facilities and location. This bank was owned by Clarence Goppert who was an avid bridge
player and who won the Barry Crane 500 awarded for winning the most master points in a single year.
This bank has changed names several times and is now the Arvest Bank.
Alas, the bridge players were not perceived as good renters because of
messiness and then bridge was moved to the Ranchmart location.

North view of Former
Goppert Bank Building

South view of former
Goppert Bank

                 Hal Halstead was the proprietor.
                 Club game directors were:
                 Peggy and Dewy Cundiff
                 Jean Joseph
                 Muriel Bridge

Looking east from Wornell

Looking from old Goppert across Wornell
toward location of famous Romanelli Grill
The old joke was "Where in the hell is Romanelli's ?"


1966 to 1968 duplicate bridge moved to 83st and Wornall across from Hen House (now gone)
Dewy and Peggy leased this space so the "Bridge Studio" had its own home where games could be held
both day and night. No steps to climb. Entry fee was raised to 75 cents with special rates for students and
and seniors. Free bridge lessons were also given. It was here that the famous "Boycott of Bridge"
was staged when the Cundiffs ignored the ACBL segregation policy by allowing ABA players
to attend the Bridge Studio games. This boycott causing financial strain on the viability of the Bridge Studio.
The police and vice squad often visited thinking that there must be an illegal activity taking place
since there were all these people playing cards. But the ambitious lady players assured them that all they
played for were the masterpoint slips that they waved at them. Games were held every day and night
by club owners like Muriel Hipsh, Jean Joseph, Jimmie Laney, Marilyn Oliver, Pat Thayer,
Frank Koger, Cubs Conklin, Samia Pellow, Peg and Dewy Cundiff.

Drive in from Wornell
Now Patrick's Grill ahead.

Drive around back to lower level

                 Peggy and Dewy Cundiff were the proprietors
                 Games were held every day and night by club owners

                 like Muriel Hipsh, Jean Joseph, Jimmie Laney, Marilyn Oliver, Pat Thayer,
                 Frank Koger, Cubs Conklin, Samia Pellow, Peg and Dewy Cundiff.


View from lower parking lot.
Bridge Studio straight ahead. First door on the left.

Looking west from Wornell toward "Big Lots" formerly Hen House
Hen House always smelled like fish and plucked chicken


1957 Dewy and Peg Cundiff began their first duplicate game at the Blue Ridge Mall.
1959 Bridge Studio duplicate games were held on the 2nd floor of the Raytown YMCA.
It cost 50 cents with coffee and treats to get that small piece of paper with masterpoint awards.
1964 to 1966 Dewy and Peg opened their Bridge Studio at 71th and Prospect in KCMO
on the second floor over the post office.


Circa 1950's Joe and Sherill Burnell directed duplicate games at Lees Summit bowling alley Strike and Spare.
Games were also held at Whiteman Air Force Base..


Around 1959 there was duplicate and rubber bridge games at Janet Keeney place at 31st & Main KCMO
over an Italian Restaurant. Nice Place with ambiance and occasionally visited by police looking for gambling


Prior to 1965 there was duplicate and rubber bridge at the home of Anne Faucett at 41st and Main
There are many stories about this woman and her bridge game. See the write up on the "Cat Woman"


Arthur Kincaid distinguished lawyer and great bridge player reported
that the first ever duplicate game was held in Budd Park.
This is a 26 acre park in Northeast district bounded by St John and Hardesty Avenues.



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