Kansas City & Unit 131 Bridge History
    Notable achievements by unit 131 members
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ACBL Platinum Life Master 10,000 masterpoints
John Oxley, Paul Pressley, Chuck Malcolm, Bill Muir. Gary Roberts

ACBL Grand Life Master 10,000 masterpoints
+ 1 National Championship

Jack Spear, Linda Eakes, Don Stack
In fond remembrance we honor our other Grand Life Masters -
Corinne Kirkham and Jim Kirkham

Top finishes at the National Level
2002 Summer NABC Nationals at Washington DC
Grand National Teams Flight B
Gary McDole, Fred Dishman, Chad Fisher, Larry Weatherholt

2011 Spring NABC Nationals at Louisville Kentucky
North American Pairs Flight C
Rajeev Bansal and Michael Hughes

2007 Summer NABC Nationals at Nashville Tennessee
Chicago Mixed Board-A-Match BAM
Jack Spear, Nancy Spear, Linda Eakes, Don Stack

1954 Life Masters Pairs, won by John Hubbell playing with St. Louis's
bridge titan, David Carter. The pair gained temporary possession of the magnificent trophy
donated by Waldemar von Zedtwitz. The cup was stolen while on display at the bridge club
Hubbell ran on West 39th street in Kansas City. It was never recovered, but von Zedtwitz
covered the cost of a replacement.

Hubbell and Carter also won the Werner Men's Pairs (later Open Pairs) in 1957, and the two
joined with Kansas Citian F. Ayres Bombeck for consecutive second-place finishes in the
Spingold in 1953 (a four-way tie) and 1954 (a three-way tie). Arthur Kincaid of Liberty, MO was
also a member of the 1953 team.


ACBL Rankings
Rookie = less than 5 points
Junior Master = 5
Club Master = 20 and 5+ black
Sectional Master = 50 and 10+ black and 5+ silver
Regional Master = 100 and 15+ black and 15+ silver and 5+ red/gold/platinum
NABC Master = 200 and 20+ black and 25+ silver and 20+ red/gold/platinum and 5+ gold/platinum
Advanced NABC Master = 300 and 50+ black and 50+ silver and 50+ red/gold/platinum and 25+ gold/platinum
Life Master = 500 and 75+ black and 75+ silver and 100+ red/gold/platinum and 50+ gold/platinum
Bronze Life Master = 750 + and Life Master
Silver Life Master = 1000 + and Life Master and 200+ silver/red/gold/platinum
Ruby Life Master = 1500 + and Life Master and 300+ silver/red/gold/platinum
Gold Life Master = 2500 + and Life Master and 500+ silver/red/gold/platinum
Sapphire Life Master = 3500 + and Life Master and 700+ silver/red/gold/platinum and 350+ gold/platinum
Diamond Life Master = 5000 + and Life Master and 1000+ silver/red/gold/platinum and 500+ gold/platinum
Emerald Life Master = 7500 + and Life Master and 1500+ silver/red/gold/platinum and 750+ gold/platinum
Platinum Life Master = 10,000 + and Life Master and 2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum and 1000+ gold/platinum and 100+ platinum
Grand Life Master = Platinum Life Master + Victory in a qualifying Event




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