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    The Cat Woman
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There have been so many great, compassionate, knowledgeable, bridge directors over the years.
Was the cat woman one of them ? I don't know because I never met her
Her story is fascinating. Let's let the story unfold.
The Cat Woman
Circa pre 1960's
The cat woman was Anne Faucett nicknamed because of the approximately 10 cats that lived in her house and
place of business. Her bridge club was at 42nd and Main near the Plaza and across from the old Katz Drug Store
by Westport Road. There were rubber bridge games and duplicate games that were run there both on the
first and second floor. It is said she had a husky voice and frequently ran the game in a bath robe.

This building was accross from the Faucett Club.
It was a Katz Drug Store.

Looking south on Main Street
From location of Faucett Club

                 She was married and her husband Charles helped with the games. There are two
                 stories that I can tell about her game. I cannot imagine bridge players
                 doing such things but here I go. The first relates to the refrigerator
                 in her kitchen. She had a chain around it with a padlock. Why ? Because
                 bridge players were eating all her food. Another time she was getting
                 dozens of foreign calls on her phone bill. Because of this the phone was
                 unplugged and hidden from view. She found out who it was when
                 someone wanted to make an emergency phone call. She plugged it in and
                 the person made 15 digit phone call to a girl friend in Africa. Wow !
                 Talk about being caught in the act !!
                 In the KC Star on 5-20-1945 there was an ad for
                 Fawcett Bridge Club 1115 Armour Blvd and
                 Heart of America Bridge Club at 4343 Oak Street
                 In the KC Star on 7-6-1947 there was an ad for
                 Ann Fawcett Bridge Club 4020 Main and
                 Heart of America Bridge Club at Hotel Continental.
                 It is said that Bobby Nail (a national player) was a regular patron at these games

This is an ad in KC Star on 10/27/1957
Faucett-Hubbell Bridge Club
Rubber Bridge every afternoon and evening
Duplicate Bridge Mon. and Wed. at 8:00PM
4022 Main



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