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What a cryptic title for this page.
When I started playing bridge, I never dreamed of amassing as many
masterpoints as I did. Once I got over 20,000 I became aware that most people
ahead of me were grand life masters which is the highest award in the ACBL needing (10,000 MP + a national championship).
I had thoughts that at the end I would have the most masterpoints without a national title. Heaven forbid.
Year after year passed without winning a national title although close many times.
Finally in summer 2007 playing with Linda Eakes, Jack Spear, and Nancy Spear in the National Mixed Team Board A Match
in Nashville Tennessee, WE WON, WE WON. A two day event in which going into the last session we rallied from tenth place
to win a national championship and 110 platinum points. WOW IT HAPPENED.
What a team they were and what great friends. They saved me from the stigma
of no national championship.

Front page of the National bulletin

Team Pictures


   Jack Spear    


Jack Spear had 8500 masterpoints when he won his national title.
He achieved his 10,000 points and grand life master status on July 2014.

Congrats Jack
Whats next ?

Jack at the Studio

Jack Spear - Grand Life Master

Who is this handsome fellow ??

He is the master of the double squeeze.

   Linda Eakes    


   Linda Eakes had 7500 masterpoints when she won her national title.
   She achieved her 10,000 points and grand life master status in
   August 2016 playing in KO in Council Bluffs Iowa Regional.

Congrats Linda
Whats next ?

Linda Eakes - Grand Life Master
Holding court at Conroy's

Happy hour at Chez Linda
Let the good times roll

Miss Photogenic

Linda and Friend

Hanging out with the Spears
at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluff

Linda and Friend

   Nancy Spear


  Nancy Spear had 5000 masterpoints when she won her national title.
  She has achieved 7,500 points and emerald status as of 02/2017
  Cm'on Nancy we are waiting on you.
  Its going to happen and that would make FOUR.

When will the Grand Life Master
party take place for Nancy ????
The Las Vegas betting over/under line is 5 years.
That would be the year 2020.

Enjoying a night at Avenue Bistro

Nancy and Jack - a dynamic duo

Nancy Spear - Emerald Life Master
And Flower Child

Sherrill Burnell and Nancy
Nancy sez "my favorite partner of all time".
Sorry Jack. Case closed.





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